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Rohan Murthy: As father as son…

At a time when Rishi Sunak has become the PM of the UK, all eyes are set on the family of Narayanmurthy as Sunak is husband of his daughter Akshata Murty.

When world is discussing about Akshata and her husband Sunak, let’s focus on Akshata’s brother Rohan Murthy who is the son of Narayan Murthy, the Infosys co-founder. 

Rohan is a junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, founder of the Murthy Classical Library of India and founder and chief technical officer of the digital transformation company Soroco, which specialises in automation using artificial intelligence sources.

His mother is Sudha Murty, who is known as a best-selling novelist, philanthropist, and engineer. Sudha Murty was one of the first few women engineers in Tata Motors. 

Rohan has a stake worth billions. He is one of the biggest individual stakeholders in the company. 

Murty is now running a start-up called Soroco. 

His company analyses the use of the software in teams and brings out solutions to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Rohan finished his former education at Bengaluru and graduated from Cornell University in the United States of America. He post-graduated from Harvard University. Later, he proposed for Ph.D. Rohan Murthy was backed by a Siebel scholars fellowship and a Microsoft research fellowship. His Ph.D. work was “the uses of white space (spectrum) .”His thesis is counted as one of the essential studies and also path-breaking. His work has promoted a lot of classified usage in computer science engineering. 

His contribution was to white space, and he was the founder of “The Murty classical library of India” in 2010. The initiative entrusted the literary part of Indian heritage to the new generation and created relatability. Rohan Murthy has become an excellent face for entrepreneurship in young India, becoming a great inspiration. 

He has been very dedicated to his work with the Catamaran venture. The venture on its own is $127 million. In June 2013, Rohan Murthy started working as an executive assistant with his father. Later, he was promoted to vice president of Infosys. 

It is interesting to know that the Murty siblings used to travel in an autorickshaw to school like other students. Both of them were meritorious and were raised with austerity being the guiding principle. 

Now, however, both live a lavish lifestyle. 

Akshata Murty’s stake in Infosys is worth $700 million, which was more than the late Queen Elizabeth II estimated wealth.

Rohan has a stake worth billions. He is one of the biggest individual stakeholders in the company. 

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