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Top 5 places to experience Border Tourism in desert state of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tourism will soon promote Border Tourism to tourists who love exploring history and geography of the country and are equally passionate to explore the natural sandy zones. Let’s discuss the top five border areas situated near Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner and Sri Ganganagar which can be promoted under border tourism

Tanot Rai Temple in Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer district, with the largest area of desert terrain in Rajasthan, accommodates the temple of Tanot Rai in Tanot  which is situated on the Indo-Pak international border, 125 km to the west of Jaisalmer district headquarters. This is the main point of attraction for indigenous tourists and devotees.

The upkeep of this temple has been undertaken by the local contingent of BSF (Border Security Force) who perform puja and devotional celebrations. This place of faith for soldiers and BSF jawans has also been portrayed in the much talked about Bollywood movie Border.

The international Indo-Pak border which is at a short distance from the temple is a major spot of attraction for the visiting tourists. There is also a fort near this place known as Kishangarh, being made of bricks and mortar.

Top 5 places to experience Border Tourism in desert state of Rajasthan
A plaque at Tanot Rai Temple speaks the surprising story of a war time.

Site of Longewala: The site of Longewala, which witnessed the 1971 Indo-Pak war is yet another attraction. The military vehicles and tanks of the Pakistan army destroyed by the Indian army have been kept for display here.

There is also a theatre at this place that is run by the Indian Army in which films of triumph and victory of the Indian armed forces during the Indo-Pak war of 1971 are showcased for the tourists. 

3. Ghotas Fort: The fort located in Ghotas in this area also pulls the tourists and arouses their curiosity. A railway station named Munnabad is in operation in Barmer which caters to the movement of Indo-Pak passengers. 

4. Sanchu Post: The Sanchu post of the BSF that is on the Indo-Pak international border in Bikaner Dist attracts travelers as it is surrounded by large sand streams. The post also houses a museum, a guest house and a canteen that are all run by the BSF. 

For visiting the Sanchu post, the domestic tourists need to take a prior permission from BSF Bikaner. The tourists are shown the post of the Pakistan side and also the museum. There is a facility extended by BSF for providing food to tourists on payment. 

5. Hindumal Kot border outpost: About the area of Dist Sri Ganganagar, the Hindumal Kot border outpost that is located at a distance of 18 km from Sri Ganganagar is quite famous. The outpost has been named after cheif dewan Hindumal of the erstwhile princely state of Bikaner. 

The railway station located on this post is quite famous, it used to connect India and Pakistan through the rail route and also provide for import and export of goods between the two countries.

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