The Story of Multan Sun Temple

Aditya Sun Temple, forgotten amid history.

The classic heritage of temples and architecture has a wide history. The 5000 years old and strong Multan Sun Temple, is also known as the Aditya Sun temple. It is said that the Temple was named after Lord Surya, who was also called Aditya. The Aditya Sun temple is currently located in the city of Multan, now situated in Pakistan. 

There are many beliefs of Aditya Sun temple. One of the beliefs of this Hindu significant monument is related to the life of Krishna. The son of Krishna, Samba, built the temple in hopes of finding relief from Leprosy 5000 years ago. He was in an entanglement with Jambavati, which gave him a curse for his incest act. 

Samba was advised to praise lord Surya which can break the curse. Thus, Samba started worshiping lord Surya. 

Many conquerors used to visit the temple, as Hsuen Tsang visited the temple back in 641 AD. He described one of the idols with the significance of magnificence, as one of the idol eyes was made up of pure gold with large red eyes. 

In the 8th century AD, the Sun Temple became a great source of income under the leadership of Mohammad Bin Qasim. Later, Mohammad Bin Qasim built a mosque that was close to the temple. He also built a temple to elevate the crowd. 

Al-Baruni, who used to visit places and write descriptions of them, visited the temple in the 10th century AD. Nonetheless, Mahmud of Ghazni destroyed the temple in 1026 AD. Al-Baruni described that none of the Hindu devotees visited the Multan Sun Temple after the 11th century AD due to the destruction. 

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