The sight of Rajasthan’s culture and glory at the memorial ceremony of Maharaja Surajmahal…

The memorial ceremony for Rajasthan's glory Maharaja Surajmahal was held on December 24 and 25.

The memorial ceremony for Rajasthan’s glory Maharaja Surajmahal was held on December 24 and 25.

The intriguing activities that took place during the two-day event of Maharaja Surajmal Smriti Samaroh. The Samaroh provided a look into Rajasthan’s rich heritage and Maharaja Surajmal’s unique history. The memorial festival for Maharaja Surajmal will be held on December 24 and 25. A parade was also carried through the city. The state buildings, historical doorways, forts, and palaces underwent elaborate decorations. Major junctions were decorated with rangoli decorations. The parade path was lit and had white lining installed.

The worrier, Surajmal the Maharaja, was born on February 13, 1707. Thus, this day in history coincides with the death of Aurangzeb. Our King Surajmal is held in high regard among the rulers who have a particular position in north India for responding to the Mughal invasion in a way that was appropriate.

He was Raja Badan Singh’s son. Maharaja Surajmal was a prosperous ruler of intrigue, a wise ruler, and a genius. Owing to his heroism during his youth, it was considered that Surajmal gained everyone in Braj Pradesh’s love and respect. Salabat Khan’s Mughal army was defeated later on January 1st, 1750, by Maharaja Surajmal, who also compelled Salabat Khan to agree to all of his demands.

On the shores of the river Hindon, on December 25, 1763, Surajmal led Veergati into combat with Nawab Najibudaula. In a poem titled “Sujan Charitra,” the Sudanese poet describes his bravery, fortitude, and heroism.

ADM (Administration) Bina Mahawar stated that Maharaja Surajmal’s teachings and management style should be made known at the state level at a pre-meeting of authorities and officials. Increased public engagement in the celebration was a delight, as it was necessary. Anil Rathore, the tourism department’s deputy director, provided comprehensive information regarding the two-day festival’s schedule beforehand.

Therefore, the Maharaja Surajmahal Smriti Samaroh is celebrated to celebrate the glory of Maharaja Surajmahal. Many activities were hosted during the duration of the two-day event. A peculiar work of art was devoted to Maharaja Surajmahal in his memory. Plus, various folk performances were performed with extravagance. Thus, the two-day celebration was devoted to a tribute to Maharaja Surajmahal.

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