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The Calcutta session of the Congress in 1906: Know what happened over 100 yrs back..

The Calcutta session of the Congress in 1906 is still remembered by historians and veterans for the major decisions being taken at the venue.

Dada Bhai Naoroji presided over the INC session at Calcutta in 1906 in which a resolution supporting programme of swadeshi, boycott, and national education was passed.

This session has been termed crucial in history because of the following things:

  1. It tried to effect conciliation between the Moderates and Extremists. Dadabahi Naroji’s address formed a remarkable departure from the conventional type of Congress addresses. Here he sponsored the new programme of the Congress which had so far been advocated by the extremists.
  2. Naroji said, “We want self-government or Calcutta Session (1906) like that of the United Kingdom or dominions.”
  3. The Swadeshi and the Boycott were accorded full support by the Congress.
  4. For the first time Boycott was authorised to be used as a political weapon.
  5. The Congress condemned the Partition of Bengal.
  6. Promotion of education was declared as the aim of the Congress

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