Sri Lanka to find out if King Ravana had fancy aircraft & airports…

Sri Lanka will conduct a detailed scientific research into its aviation past to find out if the King Ravana was the world’s first seasoned aviator and whether there were aircraft and airports  during those days in Lanka.

Two years back, many historians, archaeologists, scientists and geologists gathered together in Colombo in a conference to give a push to the idea which concluded that Ravana first flew his aircraft from Sri Lanka to India and back.

Soon after the conference, the then Sri Lankan government sanctioned an initial grant of 5 million Sri Lankan Rupee (SLR) to start the research.

Shashi Danatunge, former vice chairman of the Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority told media that he was convinced that Ravana is not a mythological figure. 

“He was a real king and had aircraft and airports. Ancient Sri Lankans and Indians had access to superior technologies and we should conduct an objective research into it,” Danatugne said adding that he has requested the Government of India to join the project believing it to be an important research for two nations to assert their ancient achievements.

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