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Padmavat wins all battles, but we feel defeated coz we couldn’t see it!

Finally, Padmavat has emerged as a winner! Combating all challenges and bypassing all blockades, it has managed to hit the screens and is earning laurels all across.

As lot has been said and done on streets before the release of the film, my curiosity to watch the film is multiplying each day. With all my interest and heart poured into it, I am forced to satisfy my quest by simply watching the trailers of the film with Deepika dressed like a queen. Am appalled to watch the lavish sets and grand setup in the trailer but …

Now, am yearning to watch the film, which I just can’t, because am in Rajasthan.

Am enthused that finally, in a democratic country, freedom of expression has managed to breathe, (it’s ok if it manages to breathe on a ventilator). But then in a country which follows one nation, one law, why are we being deprived from watching the movie.

I want to use my Freedom of Expression to say that make an arrangement for those who wish to watch the film too!

I have seen Padmavat patrons there on streets. Have seen some goon terrorising masses by torching vehicles, malls and pelting stones on school buses too!

Have watched Karni Sena members pleading to stop the release the film; have seen them questioning why Taslima Nasreen wasn’t allowed to stay in India and why Salman Khursheed’s the Satanic Versus banned in India?

After listening, watching and thinking, am forced to write this blog to say ‘Let there be equal law for all’. Decisions on biased ground will take us no where and more Karni Senas will keep appearing.

We, as the nation, need to find out how to keep secularism alive in India…by respecting the views and opinions of not only one group and society but of complete nation…!

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