Maangarh Dham in Banswara is a witness to brutal genocide of 1500 tribals…

The Maangadh Dham is located in Banswara district (Rajasthan), Maangarh is a hilly area and this place share its border with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Recently the PM paid tribute to Govind Guru for his historical, spiritual, and social contribution. 

Maangarh hill is the witness of the battle and the brutal genocide of more than 1500 tribals on 17th November, 1913. .The gathering of tribals and forest dwellers in 1913 in Maangarh against the British Raj was being led by social reformer Govind Guru. He lost his family but he never gave up in his life for struggle.

The unsung heroes of tribal community who never take a minute to dedicate their life for the sake of their motherland, thousands of women freedom fighter who gave courageous introduction in the battle, unfortunately are still unknown for us. The government is continuously making efforts to develop Maangarh as historical place. 

Rajasthan as well as Gujarat share large amount of diversity in tribal communities. Govind guru spent his last days in Gujarat. He was not only a freedom fighter but a philosopher,  spiritual teacher, intelligentsia thinker, social reformer and a public leader.

Importance of tribals:

This was not the only battle in which we can see the dedication of tribals. The Insurgence has already taken place before  1857 revolt in tribal Society.  The list is here:

* 1780 witnessed of “BATTLE of DAMIN” led by Tilka majhi in santhal.

* In 1830 and 1832 Larka movement.

* The vital importance of Birsa Munda in very young age. 

* Alluri sitaramraju -Ramppa revolt (Andhra Pradesh)

The great contribution of tribals with Maharna Pratap in Rajasthan. 

India’s past, history, present and future is incomplete without tribal communities. Unfortunately their contribution is not well mentioned in history. But for this Government led the programme for unsung heroes so that they get respect. 15th November is the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Birsa Munda which is celebrated as “JANJATIYA DIWAS” every year. Various steps have been taken by the Government like special museum of tribals to recall their thoughts, inspiration and social concern.  Various schemes like Van dhan yojana, van bandhu kalyan yojana, eklavya school  have introduced for employment, basic amenities and education respectively. From Rajasthan and Gujarat state , the eastern states and Odisha contribute a vast diversity of tribal communities.

We need to work with dedication to bring those unsung heroes into limelight, to glorify their pride, in order to compensate for the injustice that has been done with them.

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