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Jaisalmer Rajkumari Ratnawati lives in the hearts of millions via her stories of valour and bravery

Rajkumari Ratnawati from Jaisalmer, was the princess of Jaisalmer and the daughter of King Maharawal Ratan Singh who is remembered as the brave girl who thwarted the efforts of enemies by her sheer wisdom and alacrity in the absence of her father.

The stories of her bravery still echoes the desert state as it inspires one and all to stay confident and follow the inner strength when the going gets tough.

As per the history, Rajkumari Ratnawati’s father King Maharawal Ratan Singh once went out and handed over the responsibility of security of Jaisalmer Fort to his daughter Ratnavati. 

In the meantime, the army of the emperor of Delhi, Alauddin, surrounded the fort, which was led by general Malik Kafur. 

However Princess Ratnawati remained fearless even after knowing the fact that the Mughal army had surrounded the fort. 

She kept doing surveillance of the fort in the guise of soldier and took 100 soldiers hostage which included General Kafur.

Over the time, the food inside the fort started running out. While Rajput soldiers started fasting, Ratnavati too turned weak from hunger, but even in such a crisis, Princess Ratnavati kept giving one handful of food daily to her soldiers and two handful of food to the Mughal prisoners, following the rule of law.

When Alauddin came to know that the general was imprisoned in Jaisalmer fort and there was no hope of winning the fort, he sent a treaty proposal to Maharawal Ratan Singh. One day, the princess saw that the Mughal army was tearing down its tents and her father was released with his soldiers. 

Thereafter, Malik Kafur was released from the fort as well.

After his release, he said- ‘This princess is not an ordinary girl, she is a like a goddess. She gave us food while remaining hungry. She is worth of worship.”

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