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Danshtra Devi and its ancestral ties to Kotah royal family..

The Danshtra Devi, popularly known as Dadh Devi is the eighth century temple situated at Kota.

The temple offers long ancestral ties to the erstwhile royal family of Kotah since the days of the Bundi princes from 1264, and later by the Kotah rulers. 

Dadh Devi temple was enlarged and subsequently improved upon during the reigns of Kotah rulers – Rao Jagat Singh, Rao Kishore Singh, Maharao Ram Singh, and finally Maharao Umed Singh II. The family today continues to honour these traditions.

The temple remains very popular with the people of Kota, with many people visiting the temple to offer their prayers in the auspicious time of the Navraatri. There is also a mela set up outside during the nine festive days & nights of Navraatri.

In picture are HH Maharao Ijyaraj Singh Ji (@ijyaraj ) and MK Jaidev Singh (@jaidevkotah ) at the historic eight-century temple. (credit : Instagram post of Kotah rulers)

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