Brahmastra: Know its history, how it was created and when it was used…

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Brahmastra, a Bollywood film, in present times, is creating news across media houses. Whether it will be a hit or not is the present debate. Meanwhile EBNW Story brings a story on its history: specifying why and how it was created:

A Brahmastra is an astra, or celestial weapon created by Lord Brahma. It is sometimes known as the Brahma Astra (astra referring to ‘missile weapon’). Puranas say Brahmastra is considered to be the very deadliest of weapons. When a Brahmastra is discharged, neither a counterattack nor a defense of any kind can stop it.

In the Ramayana a Brahmastra is used by Rama against Jayanta (Indra’s son) when he hurt Sita, then against Mareecha in their last encounter, against the Ocean when he did not answer his prayer to allow his army and himself to cross over to Lanka and finally in the last battle with Ravana. 

Also, Indrajit used Brahmastra against Hanuman, but Hanuman survived because of Lord Brahma’s boon, when he was destroying the Ashok Vatika after meeting Sita.

Guru Drona possessed the knowledge about this weapon and he never gave it to his son Ashwathama and his favorite student Arjuna.During Mahabharata war Drona invoked this weapon to use it against Pandava army but due to the request of Gods and ancestors Drona revoked this weapon because it will completely annihilate the Pandava army who were fighting on the side of righteousness


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