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Three last stone age tribes on the earth and their current status…

In this digitalized world, we might not be aware of how many isolated primitive relics of a remote past exist who don’t have any idea of outside world. Well there are more than a hundred isolated tribes around the world. They are not backward people but they are our contemporaries. Their language is completely unknown to us. Yet their hunter-gatherer lifestyle of brows and spears is very interesting.

  1. 1. North Sentinel Island
Three last stone age tribes on the earth and their current status...
North Sentinel Islanders

On the northwest tip of Indonesia, a small group of islands locates in the deep blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. Among 573,  572 islands are unrestricted to tourists and have been visited by human beings for centuries. And that one isolated island dubbed North Sentinel Island, has always remained uncontacted after so many tries because of their violent behavior.

You might have heard of some isolated tribes, but this tribe is something different and unique. We don’t know what they call themselves as Sentinel Islanders. Being untraced and isolated, they still sustain themselves very well.

On the island, around 250 people live and through research it is found that they seem healthy with no abnormalities in body posture.  They are probably the last stone age tribe existing on the planet. Many a time the Indian government tried to contact them, the government has been met with violence.

The island is banned for trekking on the order of the Indian government but Recently, in the year 2018, one American missionary tried to contact them illegally thrice but he got killed by them. 

2. Ayoreo, Paraguay

Three last stone age tribes on the earth and their current status...
Ayoreo, Paraguay

Last uncontacted indigenous tribe in the massive forests of South America, around 5000 Ayereo people are living. They live in an well surrounded area by the Paraguay, Pilcomayo, Parapetí, and Grande Rivers.

The forest belonging Ayereo has the fastest rate of deforestation and they are facing many threats. A vast part of their land has been snatched away from them and sold to cattle ranchers.

However after years of isolating themselves, a group of Ayoreo made contact with outsiders in the year 2004 for the purpose of help because their homes were being erased by bulldozers. Tribal leaders then worked with human rights organization for them to give them back the ownership of their property.

3. Moxihatetema, Brazil/Venezuela

Three last stone age tribes on the earth and their current status...
Moxihatetema, Brazil/Venezuela

Within a vast domain of 10 million hectares, in the forests of Brazil, the Yanomami reserve locates. tribe moxihatetema lives.  They are group of around 100 people who are sustaining themselves separately.

According one research, the tribe is expanding more and more.

The Moxihatetema are also exposed to grave external threat as their Yanomami relatives: illegal gold-miners, whose operations wreak environmental havoc in the ecosystem of the reserve, and whose contact with Indigenous tribes has sometimes been bloody.

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