HealthWater waste treatment takes a different turn

Water waste treatment takes a different turn

The antibiotic water used in the water waste treatment is reducing the effect of the medicine

The antibiotic water used in the water waste treatment is reducing the effect of the medicine

Water treatment plants from various sources in India and China are becoming a key source of antibiotic resistance (AMR). Discovered in a report by ‘The Lancet Planetary.’ The water samples were collected from wastewater treatment facilities and wastewater treatment plants in China and India for the study.

According to the research, antibiotic levels in several water bodies were discovered to be significantly higher than the maximum limit. In China, tap water has become the ultimate risk of AMR. Thus, it included a significant quantity of ciprofloxacin.

In India, municipal bodies provide tap water to the citizens of metropolitan areas. Thus, the water at the treatment facility comes from hospitals, poultry farms, dairy farms, and pharmaceutical plants. Therefore, if the antibiotic in this water remains after treatment, there will be an antibiotic in the delivered water.

Its usage increases the likelihood of AMR. Traditional treatment plant methods are ineffective in removing such particles. Antimicrobials are substances that destroy germs like fungi and bacteria.

It prevents them from growing and spreading disease. AMR is a condition in which bacteria gain the capacity to resist antibiotics. As a result, medications become ineffective.

The hazardous material is not disposed of properly after usage, and it is detected in the area’s underground water. The second cause is a lack of knowledge. People dispose of outdated or unused medications in drains and along roadsides. Thus, this pollutes the water as well. Therefore, This water is accessible underground.

As a result, AMR has become more prevalent in lake and river water. Because 85% of local people use groundwater, there is a threat. However, due to antibiotic resistance in the body, the medications were shown to be ineffective in the treatment of Corona patients.

The government has initiated a big push in places where harmful substances such as arsenic and fluoride have been discovered, regularly. However, no consideration is devoted to the water, which is becoming increasingly contaminated by antibiotics. To do this, district-level AMR testing labs must be established. Additionally, there should be awareness campaigns to educate people.

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