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Covid-care centre in Dungarpur offering music, dance, aerobics & yoga to its patients!

A Covid-care centre in Dungarpur stands different with corona patients seen dancing on catchy musical notes. At times, they are also seen doing yoga and aerobics.  A special facility for listening bhajans is also been provided here.

According to Dr. Abhay Singh Maliwad, medical officer of Kovid Centers, “Yoga and music is the best way to fight the frustration emanating amongst the people who are present in this COVID care centre.  If the person is positive in his thinking, then medicines also give quick response.”

Yoga and pranayama are being conducted every morning and evening at the Kovid Hospital and Kovid Care Centers being operated in the district. At the same time, in the evening, the patients are seen dancing to the melodious music tunes forgetting all their worries. Cartoon shows of their children’s favourite are being shown with the help of laptops at some of these centres which keep the kids happy too.

Covid-care centre in Dungarpur offering music, dance, aerobics & yoga to its patients!

A person’s immunity and positive attitude play an important role in fighting the corona epidemic. People break down mentally as soon as they hear about corona infection. Keeping this in mind, a unique innovation has been done at Kovid Center in Dungarpur to keep people healthy.

With all these facilities in mind, the atmosphere of Kovid centers has started changing and has started showing positive results.

With so many cheering activities around, the patients who once stood silent has now started  commenting openly. Along with medicine, the practice of treating patients through yoga, balanced diet, immunity booster, ayurvedic decoction and music therapy is underway in this COVID-care centre.

Hope, the positive results come soon and the model is adopted in other centres too!

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