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Risks of heart attack trends on Twitter!

Twitter trended Heart attacks on the rising cases of heart attacks worldwide.

Twitter trended Heart attacks on the rising cases of heart attacks worldwide

Recently, people have been dying because of sudden severe pain in the chest area, which led to a heart attack. Thus, gradually it has become a warning for others to stay alert all the time. Many health experts have been voicing their thoughts and advice on the condition. 

The whole world is today facing unnatural heart attack cases. The experts have also stated that the matters related to heart attacks have increased in the last two years. But more shockingly, these heart attacks have been affecting 18 years old. 

There have been many famous public figures who suffered from heart attacks and died due to the reason. The netizens did not neglect it as there was a severe hashtag trend on heart attacks. 

The health expert, Dr. Edmund Fernandes, a physician, recommends always keeping a tablet of Aspirin with oneself for emergency medication. 

Dr. Edmund also specified people should always keep Aspirin 300 mg of in their pockets or wallet, and one should take it as soon as one has sudden, severe chest discomfort that spreads to the neck or left arm. 

He also warns us never to disregard chest pain as gastritis. Consider evaluating every step as life is one. 

The advice, Disprin 325 mg, an aspirin substitute, is recommended by doctors of acute heart attack, according to Dr. Sudeep K. N. of the Department of Cardiology and Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals in Bangalore. 

He also states that, generally, typical instances do not require that dosage. It is an anti-platelet medication that aids in preventing acute myocardial infarction and platelet aggregation.

He also recommends consuming these medications under supervision. Thus, Aspirin must be used in combination with other drugs and treatment options.

However, there are some dos and don’ts:

  • Aspirin must be used in conjunction with other tablets and treatment options. One should avoid taking Aspirin first thing in the morning. To avoid stomach discomfort. One should take it after eating and with a full glass of water.
  • The extended-release tablets and capsules are recommended to be swallowed whole without breaking, crushing, or chewing. One should be particular as Chewable aspirin pills can be broken. However, they are dissolved in liquid, or eaten.
  • Instead of any other drugs or therapies the doctor has advised, Aspirin should not be used.
  • Never consume alcohol while taking Aspirin. The risk of gastrointestinal bleeding rises as a result.

Thus, it’s your life and your heart, be kind to it. Always take help from the experts and consume medication under medical supervision. 

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