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Are you losing out the spring charm to Air Conditioners?

Are you losing out the spring charm to Air Conditioners?

It’s the spring time; the season when nature showers all its beauty on earth! There are flowers blooming around; their enchanting sweet fragrance could be seen inviting you all and wooed by it, you feel like immersing yourself in this heavenly blessing.

But these days, the human soul, it seems, has gone awry. Instead of soaking the natural beauty, the modern-day humans are loving the cool comfort of their closed rooms.

Instead of taking delight in seeing the flowers blooming around, they are busy getting their air conditioners repaired and serviced.

Lost in their own world, they are losing the charm to feel the beauty of roses blooming in different colours around!

The so-called modern day materialistic men, it seems, have carved a wall, a periphery, while closing their direct contact with nature.

In their quest to find ultimate happiness, they are seen killing or submerging the sounds of birds chirping with the annoying ‘grrrrr’ sound of air conditioners right in the morning.

Within the closed door surroundings, these ‘luxury-loving souls’ are enjoying everything like surfing, reading, writing and what not; but, not the natural sun shine or the pleasant evenings.

Meanwhile, this class of modern-day men love to take frequent breaks and move out to jungles, resorts and hill stations to enjoy nature and come back rejuvenated.

The addiction to their mobiles, laptops and air conditioners continue haunting them and here too, they try exploring some kind of luxury around.

This six to seven days break, they agree, works miracle for them as they get stress-free and hence they re-plan to take the break again after staying for a few months in their man-made world.

Again they want to come back rejuvenated and once more they pack themselves within the same wall and get into the same concrete world planning for yet another break…!

However, the very idea of sitting outside in the balcony or on the terrace, enjoying nature for sometime remains outdated for him.

It seems that a temporary break remains more pleasing for them than exploring a permanent solution to rejuvenate their mind and soul, while cherishing the free time right in the lap of nature.
According to these modern-day men, living with luxuries is their ultimate aim and ‘this is what they are working hard for’!

Don’t you think this is the right time when such kind of people should be woken up to face the reality; the reality that if they stop caring about nature, nature too will stop caring about them.

And when nature shows its wrath, there wont be any escape, as there won’t be any healthy living left on earth to enjoy that very luxury which they are living and working for.

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