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Look how the New Normal is changing life for our betterment

Our human lifestyle has been drastically altered by COVID-19 pandemic. The way, we moved around the city, hugged and greeted dear ones and did catch up with our friends at a cafe, worked at offices and socialised in the evenings; seems to have changed in an unexpected manner. Life, as we knew, has taken a U-turn and seriously we do not like it.

But as every black cloud has a silver lining, this pandemic also has improved a few things in the human lifestyle. Here are 3 ways the New Normal can change life for the better:

Increase of Healthy Lifestyle: People are fruitfully using their time in the lockdown by working out, doing Yoga, cooking organic food and bonding with family like never before. The forgotten hobbies are taken up again, people have a time-out from the rat race of going to the office; and so have enough time to contemplate their options and wisely plan for their futures. We learnt from the cooking videos of ace chefs and from film actors giving us free ‘How to get fit’ lessons. These are the times when we learn the true value of life and family.

Innovations and inventions: Musicians are composing music and playing it from their balconies and rooftops for the whole world to enjoy. Teachers are making extra efforts for conducting online classes in an innovative and interesting manner; and lots of free online courses are invented to sharpen your skills. Many are trying and putting up videos of new cuisines, handmade crafts, methods of meditation, etc making our lockdown time worthwhile. All in all, we humans are up with a fighting spirit devising better and faster methods for doing things; and these improvements for taking the human race forward will stay with us post Covid-19.

Less Polluted Environment: The sky has got back its blue colour, we can hear the birds chirping, deer and ducks hopping out from the forest and taking a stroll on the vehicle-less roads. And the mighty Himalayan peaks are visible from 200 kms away! It seems the earth is healing itself from the human led destruction. It seems to be undergoing the cleansing itself from the harmful toxics produced by fossil fuels giving way to a greener and healthier environment. In the coming time also, we would have relatively cleaner air, thanks to the only 33% employee attendance allowed on a given day leading to less use of transportation. We, as dwellers of planet earth, should promise ourselves to keep our environment clean and healthy. As the saying goes- ‘We do not own the earth and its resources but have borrowed it for our children’.

We have seen doctors, nurses NGOs, welfare groups and police officers working day and night for treating the patients, providing food, shelter and making our surroundings safe. This pandemic has shown us the true spirit of humanity, selflessness, duty and kindness. When these tough times are over, let us take the valuable lessons we learnt from it and leave behind the negative aspects. As this way we can build a much brighter future.

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