Know more about the world happiness report 2023

Finland continues to be ranked as the happiest nation in the world for the sixth consecutive year, according to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network's annual World Happiness Report. 

The study is based on information from the Gallup World Poll’s primary life assessment question, which gauges how content people feel with their lives overall. The top 10 happiest nations were ranked in the study, with Finland coming in first place, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Israel, and the Netherlands. The top 10 list also included Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other European nations. Only one non-European nation New Zealand made the top 10. The rankings are determined by several variables, including views on corruption, generosity, life expectancy, and social support.

India’s ranking in the World Happiness Report has increased from 136 to 126, although it is still behind its neighbors Bangladesh, Nepal, and China. India frequently ranks low on the survey despite having the fastest-growing economy in the world, which has some people wondering how it can be listed behind unstable nations.

The Global Happiness Report also lists the least happy nations, with Afghanistan coming in at the bottom of the list of the 137 polled countries. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, and Lebanon were all included in the survey as being among the least happy nations, mostly because of issues like high levels of corruption and short life expectancies.

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