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Indian kitchens busy making herbal kadhaa to fight COVID-19 battle

Indian kitchens busy making herbal kadhaa to fight COVID-19 battle

As the COVID-19 crisis strikes the world, the Indian kitchens these days are busy making kadha, a herbal syrup, which according to Ayurveda, boosts immunity against diseases, like swine flu, chikungunya and other seasonal ailments. It may also prove effective in strengthening the immune system against coronavirus too, says AYUSH experts.

This Ayurvedic home remedy protects you, making you stronger from within and is also effective in fighting seasonal infections, they say.

The formula being used in Indian households to make this kadha is quite simple. Mix Pipal, dry ginger and black pepper and boil it along with tulsi in one litre of water. Continue boiling it before it is reduced to half. 

Once ready, it needs to be consumed when it is hot.

There is a strong trust amongst people in India about kadha that it develops immunity in human body to fight infections.

In fact, in many states of the country, kadha is also being distributed to thousands of people by Ayush department during COVID-19 crisis to boost the immunity of people.

Indra Kumar Jain, Deputy Director of the Ayurveda Department in Jaipur, says, “The kadha is made of  different herbs, including ginger, jaggery, munakka and black pepper.”

“If the immune system of our body is strong, it can fight any infection. Further, as this ‘kadha’ is made of pure Ayurvedic medicines and herbs, there is no side effect, and it can be used by anyone,” he said.

The officer said, “As Coronavirus is quite new and the world remains busy finding ways to develop a medicine, we are providing ‘kadha’ that can boost immunity in fight against viruses.”

As this Ayurvedic drink can be made with herbs and spices which need to be boiled in water to extract their benefits, this kadha is being made by thousands of families in Indian Kitchens.

Being the most inexpensive home remedy, it strengthens your immunity and fight infections which is the need of the present hour.

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