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Musical maestro, A R Rehman, shares how he won the Academy Awards in 2009

In 2009, A.R. Rehman brought the Oscars home in the category of the best song with "Jai ho."

The worldwide popular song, “Natu Natu,” has added another glory to its name by winning an Oscar in the best song category. The makers of the well-received song are getting appreciation from many A-listers. While talking about the Oscars, a conversation between the musical maestro A.R. Rehman and violinist L. Subramanian is becoming the talk of the town. 

In the conversation, the Oscar-winning music composer A.R. Rehman not only congratulates the makers of “Natu Natu” but also appreciates the efforts that go into making such songs. He says that to achieve an accomplishment worth worldwide recognition, one has to keep their shoulder on the wheel. The video shows A.R. Rehman exclaiming “Jai ho to you” after the great accomplishment of bringing the Oscars home.

While having the conversation, the video extends to the point where L. Subramaniam asks Rehman about his Oscar-winning song, ‘Jai Ho, and how he changed his musical to reach the Oscars. Rehman explained that he had changed a lot of techniques in his music that made him great. He shared his experience while making ‘Jai Ho, where he chose performers and an orchestra with the help of technology to benefit his music style. In addition, he stated, composing songs for a movie takes 8 songs; however, Rehman’s jingle background pushed him to compose 18 songs. In the making of songs, Home Studio helped a lot in the enhancement of Rehman’s music, giving it more finesse.

A.R. Rehman suggests that artists should always evolve in their art, which will bring them to greater heights.

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