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Eravikulam national park: the hotspot for biodiversity

Eravikulam National Park one of the home to a variety of flora and fauna

A protected region called Eravikulam National Park is located in Kerala, India’s Western Ghats. The 97 square kilometer park is home to a wide range of plants and animals, including the critically endangered Nilgiri Tahr. The Western Ghats, one of the locations with the greatest biological diversity in the world, contains a significant portion of the park.

The park is a well-known travel attraction that draws tourists from all around the world. It is a fantastic location to learn about the Western Ghats’ distinctive ecosystem and biodiversity. The park offers a wonderful chance for those who enjoy the outdoors and animals to get up and personal with nature’s splendor.

Also crucial to conservation efforts is Eravikulam National Park. Several threatened species live there, including the Nilgiri Tahr, which is unique to the Western Ghats. The Nilgiri Marten, a tiny carnivorous animal that was believed to be extinct for more than 70 years, has also been successfully reintroduced thanks in large part to the park.

The park is essential to the preservation of the Western Ghats, a region known for its high biodiversity. Millions of people rely on the Western Ghats as a major water supply, making it even more crucial to safeguard the area’s environment.

Moreover, it should be noted that Eravikulam National Park is a vital component of the Western Ghats and is crucial to conservation efforts. It is a worthwhile tourist site and a fantastic location to learn about the distinctive biodiversity of the area. For the benefit of future generations, it is crucial that we keep this lovely park protected and conserved.

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