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Free Jazz music rejoices Jaipurites in first edition of Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival

Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival, a world-class music festival, mesmerised the audience for the first time in Jaipur at  the iconic Central Park in Jaipur– a nominated World Heritage City by UNESCO.

The dates for the world class event were chosen apt from February 28 to March 1 to mark the scintillating spring season. The three-day festival was organised by Seher India in association with UNESCO and Rajasthan Tourism which saw performances by musicians from America, Canada, Cuba, Germany and India, free of cost.

There were five unique features of the show which include:

  1. It was free of cost: Free Jazz music for all! This was the unique feature of the grand show which made music lovers soak the divine flow in a mesmerising surrounding. With free entry, the ‘Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival’ aimed to open a window for Indian music lovers to the joys of jazz.
  1. Over 55 musicians came from over 5 countries: Among the notable musicians participating in the festival were Sungazers (USA), Kirk MacDonald (Canada), Joao  Bittencourt (Brazil), Bianca Gizmoti Trio ( Brazil), Nikhita Gandhi (India), Dhruv Vishwanath ( India) among others

3. It served mix of music: Seher India has curated an assorted mix of contemporary, fusion, Latin and mainstream Jazz as well as electric, punk and soul-blues on a single platform, making it a destination festival for music lovers.  

4. The event opened the world of Jazz and Blues to Jaipur jazz aficionados: The event literally opened the world of Jazz and Blues to Jaipur jazz aficionados. Organised by Sanjeev Bhargava, Founder Director, Seher India, this new festival was loved by the audience who were immersed in this music which tied many nations together”

5. It brought forth the connect between Jazz  and Indian classical music: Jazz and Indian classical music share numerous similarities, especially the art of improvisation and it was very evident in the show. Earlier, several noted Indian classical musicians and Western jazz musicians began collaborating in the 1940s, leading to the development of a new genre of music called Indo-Jazz. 

Free Jazz music rejoices Jaipurites in first edition of Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival

The star studded evenings saw rendezvous  of playful and eccentric compositions which cut across genres and cultures. Their interactive and improvisation driven performance greatly entertained the audience. 

The performance of the 24 year old singer and songwriter from India, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, the exceptional performance by award winning saxophonist, Kirk MacDonald, who is a leader in Canadian Jazz for over 35 years and many more left an undeniable mark on Jazz lovers.

Don’t you feel to be the part of the next Jazz festival? No worries… let’s wait for a year!

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