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First-ever Urban Climate Film Festival!

The Urban Climate Film Festival is organized by the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA).

The urban climate film festival’s objective is to increase public awareness of the effects of climate change on urban life and stimulate discussion on sustainable urban development. Thus, the festival, which contains films from more than 20 nations, got funding from the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union.
27 movies were chosen from a jury’s selection, and 11 were chosen to screen at the festival.

In the event, five cities will host screenings of the chosen movies, allowing a larger audience to experience the urban climate film festival’s message.
Therefore, the event will encourage people to take action by increasing awareness of climate change and sustainable urban development.

The CITIIS initiative intends to help India’s 12 smart cities put innovative, environmentally friendly urban infrastructure projects into action. The NIUA is promoting the CITIIS program’s approach to urban infrastructure projects by hosting the Urban Climate Film Festival.

However, under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the National Institute of Urban Affairs is a central autonomous body that carries out multidisciplinary research, policy planning, and advocacy in the area of urban development. The work of NIUA is essential for advancing India’s sustainable urban development.

Nonetheless, the U20’s goal of facilitating sustainable urban development is aligned with the Urban Climate Film Festival, which is organized by NIUA.

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