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Women of Rajasthan scripting success stories

In the recent meeting with the FORTI Women Wing, Usha Sharma praised technology for evoking women empowerment.

Women had yet again made headlines in Rajasthan. It does not matter which area they belong from; women are showing their entrepreneurial spirit in every field. Whether they are from tribal belt or non-tribal, no such barriers are keeping them to soar high. The beginning of technology has become an aid to the empowerment of women. Usha Sharma, Chief Secretary Rajasthan has stated, Mobile has changed their lives, making the women more aware of everything going around. 

Forti Women Wing: 

Forti is a part of the Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Investment. Founded in 2017, it promotes the growth and empowerment of women.

Rajasthan Government leads towards empowering women. 

The Rajasthan government is taking proactive measures to promote and support women entrepreneurs in the state. The government of Rajasthan has launched many proactive methods to ensure strength and support for women entrepreneurs in the state. 

There was a series launched by Women’s Entrepreneurship Programmes (WEDP), a Jaipur-based research institution. It has helped a vast number of women in Rajasthan, which broke barriers for women leading their way through business and self-employment during the era of Covid-19. Most of the WEDPs were launched with the initiative to evoke and train women in business and self-employment. 

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