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Ratnaakar Group Joins Hands with Barkville Foundation to Create a Green Oasis for Rescued Animals

In a remarkable display of environmental stewardship, Ratnaakar Group has partnered with the Barkville Foundation to establish a Green Oasis for Rescued Animals. Launched on September 28th, this initiative underscores Ratnaakar Group’s unwavering commitment to providing a safe and nurturing haven for the animals in the care of the Barkville Foundation. The central message of this partnership is crystal clear: “Earth is for All.”

Founders Swati Verma and Hemani Mod of the Barkville Foundation expressed their profound gratitude to Ratnaakar Group and extended their appreciation to the dedicated employees of Ratnaakar who actively participated in a tree plantation drive. Under this extraordinary initiative, a thousand trees of diverse species, including Neem, Drumstick, Billi Patra, Madudo, Champa, and Jasud, were meticulously planted. The designated area underwent thorough preparation, including tilling and pit creation for plantation, and protective fences were installed to safeguard specific plants. Furthermore, a drip irrigation system was implemented to ensure efficient water usage and accelerate the growth of the newly planted trees.

Nishant Shah, Joint Managing Director of Ratnaakar Group, emphasized the significance of the project, stating, “Caring for our planet and its inhabitants is not just a responsibility; it’s our privilege. Through our partnership with the Barkville Foundation, we are nurturing a Green Oasis for Rescued Animals, a sanctuary that embodies the spirit of harmony and coexistence. Together, we are sowing the seeds of compassion and sustainability, ensuring that ‘Earth is for All,’ now and for generations to come.”

Situated on a vast 17,000 square feet of land in Dabhod, Gandhinagar, the Barkville Foundation is on a mission to offer a second chance to our four-legged companions. Their steadfast commitment revolves around providing a safe and caring home for animals in dire need, irrespective of their size or past traumas. Barkville’s vision extends to ending the cycle of abuse and pet overpopulation through rescue operations, investigations, spay/neuter programs, and educational initiatives while fostering lasting bonds between humans and animals through adoption programs.

Initially focused on rescuing and rehabilitating homeless (stray) dogs and animals, the post-COVID landscape brought new challenges, mainly related to abandoned pets. Presently, Barkville provides shelter to 85 abandoned pet dogs, including Labradors, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, St. Bernards, Beagles, Pitbulls, and various mixed breeds. In addition to dogs, the facility houses cows, horses, kittens, bunnies, and numerous birds.

Running a shelter for such a diverse array of animals comes with its share of challenges, with funding being a primary obstacle. The invaluable assistance of volunteers and organizations in various capacities, including fundraising, caring for the shelter’s residents, participating in educational efforts, and promoting adoptions through personal and social media connections, plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges.

Ratnaakar Group, a stalwart in the construction industry for over three decades, is known for creating spaces that fulfill dreams and inspire trust. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, integrity, superior workmanship, timely delivery, and the highest level of professionalism, Ratnaakar Group has garnered the trust of over a thousand satisfied clients and business partners, residing across a remarkable 4.8 million square feet area of residential and commercial spaces.

When Barkville envisioned creating an open and green space for their cherished animal residents, they knew they could trust Ratnaakar Group to partner with them in bringing joy and happiness to their furry friends. The joint endeavor aimed to plant a variety of trees in a designated space on the Barkville campus, complete with a protective fence to create a safe environment for vulnerable animals, allowing them to heal. This heartwarming initiative not only benefits the animals but also underscores the importance of sustainability and compassion for all living creatures.

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