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Together, they work to kill Dragon by making ‘Made in India’ LED lights!

Made-in-India LED lights to bedazzle Jaipur streets this Diwali

Boycotting China, Jaipurites making indigenous LED lights for festive season!

Pledging to put up Made in India LED lights for Diwali decor this time, hundreds of hands  join a silent revolution

They are busy engaged in making  LED lights series to deck up their abodes.

As the Boycott China campaign gains ground in India, many people are engaged in a self drive to manufacture these twinkling lights to make this Diwali look different. With an aim to instil a pride feel, they are  ensuring that the home decor this year will be done with country made indigenous goods shunning anything which is Chinese.

The initiative is taking shape under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan under which no Chinese raw material is used for these LED lights.

“We shall be selling these LED lights in the market before Diwali season. Initially, there were challenges to buy raw material as the markets were closed under lockdown phase, however, as the unlock period has started, we collected raw material which was completely Indian. The copper-made wires are Indian and we are buying it from Delhi and Ahmedabad local markets. Even the caps and holders are Indian. Meanwhile, there was a challenge in getting indigenous LED bulbs because Chinese bulbs were dominating the market and hence we collected Taiwan bulbs as our mission is to boycott China made goods, said Dharamchand Jain, who is heading the initiative where unemployed people from Kachhi Basti are being trained in Jaipur.

Together, they work to kill Dragon by making 'Made in India' LED lights!

We have already trained dozens of teams within two weeks. Next teams are being trained and the process will go onwards  till Diwali to ensure the market is flooded with Made in India Led lights this year. Many people are showing their interest in this drive and we are hand holding them to ensure they have their own livelihood earning platform through which we can end our dependence on China-made Diwali lights, he added.

In fact, our LED lights shall be much more durable and will also last longer as compared to Chinese lights which were more like use and throw products. Our lights will last for 3-4 years, Jain says adding that the lights are 40-feet long with over 50-120 bulbs. Initially, each day, six people were being trained and this number is increasing gradually.

These LED lights, meanwhile, are being produced under the Atmanirchar Bharat Abhiyaan, said Sewa Bharati Prant Mantri Girdharilal. Adding that besides LED lights, training is also being imparted to other people for producing other electronic devices. (IANS-arc)

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