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Killing the dragon differently!

Rajasthan catches up ‘vocal for local’ trend for ensuing Rakshabandhan festival!

Pledging for making Atmanirbhar Bharat, they avow to kill the dragon via the ‘boycott chinese products’ slogan

This Raksha Bandhan will be different in many ways!

Sisters shall pledge to make Atma Nirbhar Bharat in Banswara  following PM’s call for Vocal for local. They have started making handmade rakhis boycotting the Chinese raw material which till last year dominated the Rakhi manufacturing market.

In fact, they shall tie ‘Swadeshi Rakhi’ on their brother’s hands and shall pledge to use Indian made goods, said Swati Jain and Sandeep Tripathi from Banswara who have been running an NGO, Sparsh Sansthan here.

The members of the organisation are busy rolling out Swadeshi Rakhis.

The couple has already started training their team to make bulk rakhis with Indian made stuff.

“On this rakshabandhan, all sisters will pledge to use India made goods and shall boycott any China made good while tying rakhis on their brother’s hands,” said Swati Jain.

This couple has been engaged in many social issues and have a big team which is now involved in rolling out swadeshi rakhis as the festival is not far off now, said Sandeep.

They are training people to make handmade rakhis using India-made raw material, boycotting the Chinese raw materials which was earlier being used by Rakhi manufacturers on large scale.

Besides Banswara, there is a large scale Rakhi production started in Bharatpur too while giving a big boost to the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign.

Many people in this city are getting engaged in making handmade rakhis using the cowdung and tulsi seed while dejecting Made-in-China stuff.

Himani, associated with rakhi making, says, “On vocal for local call given by PM Narendra Modi, we are making handmade rakhis which can be sown in pots or gardens after its use. A Tulsiplant will come out of it there being a tulsi seed placed in the rakhi. These rakhis shall be much better than the plastic made rakhis which posed environment threat to us, she added.

The Panchgayvashala and Research Centre is training many hands to make idols, watch, pots and frames too by using cowdung, said Himani.

Vijay Ojha, associated with the organisation, said, “Last time, we had supplied these cowling made rakhis to places like Ujjain, Varanasi, Delhi and Jaipur. Now, this year, we have already started receiving  big orders from different places and hence we are a big bulk with 25 different forms of rakhis, he said.

Besides Bharatpur and Banswara, women self help group are being trained in Ajmer too to make handmade rakhis with indian raw material. The training is imparted in Arjunlal Sethi  Nagar where women are imparted training for micro-finance too.

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