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This 105-year-old woman remembers 700 shlokas of Bhagwad Gita despite being illiterate

This 105-year-old woman from Rajasthan can recite 700 shlokas of Geeta at one go…

This 105-year-old woman, named Ratanbai, who is a resident of Rajasthan from Ravatbhata, has left many people stunned with her sharp memory which remembers 700 shlokas of Bhagwad Gita even after passing the 100 years of her life.

Despite being illiterate, she remembers 700 shlokas of the Bhagavad Gita since last 80 years. She is Ratanbai who learnt the Geeta shlokas in a temple.

In academic terms, she is illiterate, however, on spiritual terms, she is highly literate.

She may not have gone to school or received a passing certificate/degree from school, but she is educated in temple in a similar manner which once used to be an education system during pre-colonial era in Bharat. Can we draw lessons from her and revive our education system?

Let temples be the base of our education system which once were during ancient and medieval era times.

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