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Shiv Khera’s tips for health-work-life balance amid pandemic

How to find Health-Work-Life Balance Amid Pandemic?’

This is the burning question being asked by one and all amid present times as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world hard and people are reeling under lockdown since last many months
The world-renowned motivational speaker Shiv Khera shares tips to get Health-Work-Life Balance Amid Pandemic in a webinar which marked the initiation of a wellness movement in India called ‘Pehla Sukh- India Wellness Initiative’.
Here are three takeaways from his session:

1. Set your priorities right: One needs to set their priorities right. Each person, before the lockdown, was running fast with their unset priorities. However, lockdown, all of a sudden, stopped them and they can now be seen setting their priorities.
2. Avoiding messing up in life: The kind of time saving devices we are using today were never with us any time in history, however, despite this, we did not have time for ourselves. This is because we have messed up our priorities. At times, we forget what is important and what is non-important. Further, if we ignore what is important, it develops stress. So we need to avoid any kind of messing up and be clear in our thoughts.

3. Try coming out stronger: One needs to be emotionally stronger during lockdown and a person can become emotionally strong overnight. He needs to practice it via meditation and if he committed to himself, he shall definitely be emotional stronger.

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