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Pakistan cross-currents: Ladies outfox men

Pakistan women seem more active and pushing than their Indian counterparts…Look how they are outperforming men in the EBNW Story:

Are Pakistan women more active and pushing than their Indian counterparts? In politics! Yes, if twitter accounts are any proof (proof of pudding is in its eating, yes pudding was also cooked at the Eid celebrated recently). Have a look what they say/do. 

Dr. Arfana Mallah is a case in leadership. Always with smiles (@Arfanamallah66), this young and vibrant lady calls a spade-a-spade who ever may be the audience. She teaches Chemistry at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, a writer, women rights’ activist, anchor person, columnist, and much more when it comes to hammering the burning issues. 

She portrayed her photo picking up mangoes at her brother-in-law’s orchard, to celebrated Eid. All smiles and innocently stated. 

Next she tweeted to say, “It will be the 6th anniversary of foundation day of Khanabadosh Writers Cafe, Hyderbabad, Sindh.” She is a leader at the Women Action Forum (WAF), Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.  

Was Dr. Arfana in anger or anguish while she wrote, “ The day Karachi was hijacked by terrorist forces, 12 May victims are waiting for justice and Perviaz Musharaf the main culprit is still at large. 

#12May2007thebackday #12May2007…

Maria Rashid from Sindh, Pakistan is author, practitioner, and researcher on militarism, masculinities, violence and all things feminist (@mariarshd). She voiced,  “There will be a protest in solidarity with Palestine in Karachi, from Regal Chowk to Press Club. Youth and activists are standing with Palestinians against the brutal Israel onslaught. Join” 

Mehwish Hyatt (@MehwishHyatt), an actress, artiste, dreamer and wanderer from Karachi, Pakistan, says, “Eid Mubarak everyone ! As we celebrate this festival with our families at home, let’s also please keep those in Palestine, Kashmir and Yemen in our prayers ….Ps The last two photos are of me waiting for my Eidi.”

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