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Lionel Messi The GOAT of Football

The story of a boy with talent and a big dream, Lionel Messi

The story of a boy with talent and a big dream, Lionel Messi

The world welcomed Lionel Messi into the world on June 24, 1987, in Argentina’s Rosario city. Lionel Messi’s parents are Celia Mara Cuccittini and Jorge Horacio Messi.

In addition, Lionel Messi is the third of four children born in Argentina to a former magnet factory worker and the manager of a steel mill. La Pulga was his nickname, was born and raised in Rosario, the main city in the Santa Fe province of central Argentina. His early years were primarily spent with his three siblings.

Regardless of his genetic relatives, Rodrigo is Messi’s older brother. His direct senior is Matias Mess. Maria Sol Messi is his younger sister.

The great Barcelona player comes from a close-knit, soccer-loving family. Due to Argentina’s severe economic slowdown in the late 1980s, Jorge and Celia Mara once had a deficit in their standard of living. The South American nation was on the verge of economic collapse a few years after Messi was born. Argentina’s failure to service its debt was the cause of this.

Thus, Rioting, peso devaluation, and hyperinflation were frequent outcomes of this. Many middle-class houses were impacted by this economic crisis, which took lives among them, including Lionel Messi’s family. It is a reality that Jorge and Celia Mara struggled to find employment, along with three million other Argentines.

Leo’s relatives left to look for prospects for him in Spain as his parents stood and argued with him.

His older brothers (Rodrigo and Matias), who started the family’s football tradition, weren’t left out. His first football superheroes were them.

His mother (Celia Mara Cuccittini) and sister (Maria Sol) both sacrificed their life to support his enterprise despite being qualified for other positions.

However, his destiny was waiting for him as the youngster’s grandma first recognized the potential football star in him when he was four years old. The young youngster held an unparalleled destiny, according to Celia Oliveira Cuccittini.

Even though his older brothers, Rodrigo and Matas, were on their own journey. They showed him how to kick the ball, it was something unparalleled. Nonetheless, Grandma Celia Oliveira’s assistance was just amazing. She convinced Messi’s parents to get him his first set of football boots and gave the then-coach of the neighborhood club the assignment of including her grandson in the match team.

Salvador Aparicio, the coach, recognized he was missing a player in that game. He invited a small-looking Leo Messi to join his bigger lads on the field to complete his team. La Pulga joined after extensive parental lobbying.

Therefore, Coach Aparicio swore to transfer Messi to a bigger academy so he could turn the local youngster into a superstar since he was said to possess superhuman skills. To help him find inner peace, his wife (Antonela Roccuzzo) gave him Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. She also provided him with a dog.

In accordance to Lionel Messi’s biography, he has already won trophies for his native Argentina. Argentina won the 2021 COPA America with the help of Lionel Messi. He tied Luis Diaz for the most goals scored in that competition.

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