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Free employment-oriented programs for ‘Empowered Women Empowered India’

Ekadashi Foundation has taken a unique initiative of conducting free employment-oriented programs on the campaign “Empowered Women Empowered India”. Surveys are being conducted by NGO in Jawahar Nagar slums and Malviya Nagar slums in Rajasthan, Jaipur and Jhalna slums and free training for girls and women of poor families like beauty parlor course, sewing machine course and many skill development Admission is being done in the courses.

Along with skill development courses, the NGO located in Malviya Nagar is being trained to earn employment. This campaign was started in August 2021, and till now training has been provided to more than 250 women, many of whom are girls. And women have got self-employment and girls who have received some training are getting internship and job program in garment factories and beauty parlours, the main objective of this program is to make women and girls fearless and empowered.

Every month, surveys are conducted by the Foundation in different families in villages, cities and slums, they are finding and training girls and women from poor families, and trying to educate and empower the needy girls. has been

NGO founder Vibhuti Singh told that in 2023, new batches will be prepared for training camps from the month of April and all needy women and girls can enroll, along with this Ekadashi Foundation, along with youth team members and many social workers, will do this work. All these volunteers and social workers are supporting Ekadashi Foundation in the United Youth and United India campaign.

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