Know Prime Features of Animal Hospital to be launched by Ratan Tata

First one set to open in Mumbai next month

After stepping down as chairman of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata shifted his focus to a passion project close to his heart – the establishment of an animal hospital in Mumbai. This dream is now set to become a reality with the imminent inauguration of the Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital in Mahalaxmi.

Named the Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital, this initiative, spearheaded by Ratan Tata, has been constructed in Mumbai at a cost of Rs 165 crores. Spanning 2.2 acres, it will serve as one of the few hospitals catering to the medical needs of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals, operating round the clock.

As per reports from TOI, the hospital is scheduled for inauguration in the first week of March.

Ratan Tata, known for his fondness for animals, shared insights into his vision for this project and why he felt a facility for small animals was essential in Mumbai.

“A pet is no different from a member of one’s family today. As the guardian of several pets throughout my life, I recognize the need for this hospital,” articulated the 86-year-old philanthropist.

Tata’s vision for a world-class animal hospital was shaped by personal experiences, including the time he had to transport a pet to the University of Minnesota for a joint replacement. Reflecting on this, he stated, “But I was too late, and so they froze the dog’s joint in a particular position. That experience enabled me to see what a world-class veterinary hospital was equipped to do.”

The new animal hospital has forged partnerships with five veterinary schools in the UK, including the Royal Veterinary College London, for training purposes. It will provide a range of services encompassing surgical, diagnostic, and pharmacy facilities, along with comprehensive multidisciplinary care.

Reports suggest that similar hospitals will be established under this initiative, forming the largest chain of animal hospitals in India, spanning major cities and states.

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