Why Jaipur’s Kundan jewellery has no match in world?

Do you know that Kundan jewellery came to Jaipur from Delhi. Over the years, kundan became the highlight of this royal city and hence it remains synonymous to Jaipur today.

As per the historical sources, the art of making kundan jewellery came to Rajasthan from Delhi. The process of making kundan jewellery is quite interesting which starts with a skeletal framework called ghaat. 

Then, wax is poured in framework and moulded with accordance to design. This process is called paadh. Khudai  is the next step where the uncut multi-coloured gemstone is laid on the framework which can be made either of pure gold or other metals. This is followed by minakari, where refining is made to define the details of the design. Then, gold foils are added that can hold the gems to the framework and this step is called pakai. Finally, the gems are polished under the chillai process.

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