Tholia’s Kuber Jewellers bespeak the story of exquisite designs!

Tholia’s Kuber Jewelers and their journey to Jewelry house

Indian jewelry provides a sense of pride to the people of India. Every piece of jewelry has its own story and tale. From ancient jewelry to modern looks, jewelry has always been the biggest part of a woman’s life. Whether it is for weddings or simple events, jewelry adds its effects. 

As we venture into the history of jewellery the brand Tholia’s Kuber Jewellers has already made its name in history. The two brothers Romi and Lala Tholia found their way and path towards the journey of Jeweller, setting their foot forward in the year 1984. 

The renowned jeweller family has been running this business for a very long time, excelling in all other prospects. Based in the Pink City, of Jaipur, the jewellers give special detailed attention to each piece, giving it a more finished look. The handicraft leans onto the traditions and unique authenticity of jewellery. 

From Kundan Enamel to diamond-colored stone. Tholia jewellers are famous for their work on gold with a matt finish. Additionally, they also work on the classic Gold and silver that enchant customers all the time. The local artisans work closely with the ornaments and jewellery manufacturers to offer a touch of legitimacy to the customers. 

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