Rajasthan Handicraft Policy 2022: All for art and artisans

In India, craftsmanship and art are widely promoted. Rajasthan in fact stands synonymous to art and craft and hence the state government ordered the launch of the First Rajasthan Handicraft Policy 2022 on 17th September 2022. The government made the policy to highlight entrepreneurship in art and craft, plus to  Influence the investment in the field of cultural heritage. 

The Rajasthan handicraft policy aims to create more awareness about marketing enhancement, eventually bringing more handicraft growth. The policy will begin to revive art. 

Rajasthan handicraft policy 2022 will provide more significant opportunities for the people. Thus, it will eventually increase the employment rate in the state. Shakuntla Rawat stated that the Rajasthan handicraft policy 2022 is a well-executed plan to establish infrastructure in the form of Rajasthan for the benefit of art and craft. 

The planned policy is focused on authorising handicrafts, which empowers the art and craftsperson. The procedure is straight aimed at generating the effect of art and craft. The ministry also claimed that the policy emphasizes the export of art, providing coverage of international exchange. 

The policy also envisions various provisions, such as establishing state-level awards in different categories. One can also focus on brand building. Similarly, the policy will also vocalize e-marketing, loan facility, and scholarship. There will be plenty of events that will encourage the students and youth to understand the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

The government made the policy due to the hard work of artists and handicrafts worldwide.

Therefore, the world craft council declared that Jaipur is the “world craft city” due to its Havelis, gates, and beautiful scenic heritage. Thus, the Rajasthan handicraft policy will bring out the best in the state and its people. 

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