Madhya Pradesh’s Gond artwork obtains a GI tag

Gond paintings from Madhya Pradesh are given GI tags, which protect and honor tribal artists and need committee clearance before non-tribal artists can exploit the artwork.

Madhya Pradesh Gond painting, unique style has been offered the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) label. As we are aware that geographical Indication (GI) label is a label applied to goods or services with a particular geographic origin and characteristics or a reputation derived from that origin. Thus, it is utilized for industrial goods, food, agricultural goods, alcoholic beverages, and handicrafts. However, the popular product’s name cannot be used by anybody other than the authorized user who has registered with GI Tag.

Padma Shri recipient and Gond artist Bhajju Shyam stated in his comment, “It is a matter of pride for us. With this, the people of tribal and Gond dominant communities will now get the direct benefit.”

Every home in Dindori district’s Patnagarh hamlet has an artist, and their work is well-liked in the state but also well-known worldwide. A physically challenged tribal lady named Narbadiya Armo from the hamlet of Khannat creates mouth paintings as an inspiration for other weak women. The GI tag will give Narbadiya Armo’s paintings recognition, a distinctive identity, and a just price for her labor.

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