Maahi Roj 2023 celebrates earth day consciously with transitional talks

MAAHI ROJ 2023, a contemporary craft festival celebrating integral relationship with the Earth, celebrated earth day consciously with transitional talks & expert sessions recently in Jaipur

The programme was inaugurated by Archana Sharma, Chairperson, Social Welfare Board, Rajasthan.

Speaking on this occasion, she mentioned the significance of Indian culture. She said that adapting ancient traditions are relevant to face the current challenges.  

Keynote address was delivered by Maahi Roj co-founder Geetanjali Kasliwal. She talked about the idea of EARTH UNEARTH which refers to unearthing ways of living rooted in ancient wisdom. An-artha in Hindi (UNEARTH) also signified the disaster led by the discourse of human lifestyle which births the need of seeking the right meaning or artha (EARTH). 

Artha also translates to currency in Hindi, the idea of success is often calculated in terms of artha, this has forced us towards consumerism, ultimately leading towards satisfying unethical wants & desires of the market, the anartha. Geetanjali quoted “The way we experience life boils down to the immediate moment, so within this moment, let us build our universe consciously.”

ADI Chairperson (Jaipur Chapter), Designer Ayush Kasliwal shared the idea of taking simple and small efforts everyday, he quoted “If we as ‘takers’ choose rightly, what we give automatically becomes a conscious choice.” 

Expert talk sessions presented by ADI Rajasthan Speakers Bhaavya Goenka (Iro Iro) & Malvika Agarwal (Chal shoe) talked about the need of Circular Design, its Opportunities & Challenges.

Vivek Sharma of Shrishti Foundation, Living Stone discussed the sustainable ways to Cool the Summers. The session was presented by WICCI Rajasthan. 

The first day concluded with magnificent Musical Evening by Manganiars from Barmer, the audience was left mesmerized by the soulful messages of Folk music of Rajasthan. 

Day 2 started on the Sunday morning with Taruna Paryani to Unplug. Refresh. Reconnect. It was  a soulful experience, carefully designed to help discover the true Self, with open heart.

An Apt sessions to solve the problems of today facilitated by Shammi Nanda Non Violent Communication: No Blame Zone.

Open talk was delivered by Pink City Feminist & Fashion Revolution around Body Image and Mass Consumerism. The topic was ‘How does capitalism builds insecurities, tricks us into buying more and in turn effect climate crisis’? 

The event concluded with Film Screening by Deej Phillips, a British documentary filmmaker with over eight years of experience showcased Forced to Adapt: India documentary series in association with Nidhi Kamat. 

Maahi Roj in association with Digital Door presented with artisanal Pop- up experiences by Rohini Singh, Eco Kari, HeenaAgrima, IRO IRO, Chal shoe, Aurum, Oh My Kombucha, Ek Taara Toys, Ek nama and Senses play.

AnanTaya  appreciated their associate partners ADI, Digital Door, WICCI Architecture Rajasthan, Fashion Revolution India, Pink city feminist, Shristi Foundation, EBNW and Jaipur Rugs.

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