Indore Creates Unique Replica of Ram Mandir Using Scrap Iron and Discarded Elements

Apeksha Agarwal

Indore, known as the cleanest city in the country, has undertaken a groundbreaking initiative to build a replica of the Ram Mandir of Ayodhya. The city led by Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargav, utilized 21 tons of iron and various discarded materials, such as old municipal vehicle parts, streetlight poles, broken swings, fenders, gear parts, nuts, bolts, and damaged park grills, to construct the unique temple replica of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir. This innovative project aims to showcase the city as a clean and environmentally conscious urban space while fostering a sense of unity and celebration among its residents.

Project Overview

Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargav spearheaded the initiative, emphasizing the use of iron waste to design the replica, aligning with the city’s commitment to being recognized as the cleanest city for six consecutive years. The project, costing between Rs 60 lakh to 70 lakh, involved the collaboration of various stakeholders, including private firms.

Construction and Design

The construction of the replica commenced three months prior to the inauguration ceremony, with workers drawing inspiration from online resources, as the original temple had not been fully constructed. The 40 feet long, 27 feet wide, and 24 feet high replica showcases the creativity and dedication of the artisans involved in the project. Notably, the workforce comprised individuals from both Hindu and Muslim communities, reflecting a spirit of unity.

Mayor’s Appeal

Mayor Bhargav, anticipating objections, appealed to malls and shopkeepers to install replicas of the Ram Mandir from January 15 to 21. This initiative aimed to allow residents who couldn’t visit Ayodhya to celebrate the festival within their city.

The replica of the Ram Mandir in Indore stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to cleanliness and environmental sustainability. The innovative use of scrap iron and discarded elements, coupled with the diverse workforce involved, highlights the city’s dedication to unity and cultural celebrations. As the inauguration approaches, Indore sets an example for other cities, demonstrating that creativity and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand in shaping a cleaner and more inclusive urban landscape.

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