Humcha Padmavathi Jain Temple of Karnataka

Humcha Padmavathi Devi Digamber Jain Temple stands as a testament to the rich history of Jainism and the cultural heritage of Karnataka, India. This sacred site, rooted in the 8th century, was established by Jinadatta Raya, a Jain prince hailing from Mathura. Jinadatta Raya not only constructed the temple but also laid the foundation for the kingdom in Humcha, making significant contributions to the spread of Jainism in the region.

Located in Humcha, Shimoga district, Karnataka, the temple is a pilgrimage site for Jains, surrounded by numerous Jain temples that have been generously donated by devotees. The main deity worshipped in this sacred space is Devi Padmavati. A remarkable feature of the area is a perennial lake, a divine gift from Jinadatta Raya, who also donated a village for the Abisheka (ritual bathing) of idols.

The temple complex boasts Gudda Basadi, built by Vikrama Santha, featuring a donated idol of Lord Bahubali by the same benefactor. In 1048 A.D., Mahamandaleshwara Chandrayas made a significant contribution by donating to Bhattaraka. Many idols within the temple were crafted by Bhattaraka, adding to the spiritual richness of the site. The presence of various temples, idols, and inscriptions enhances the sanctity of the surroundings.

Several festivals bring the temple to life, including the Ratha Yatra for Devi Padmavati, where the deity is placed on a chariot and pulled by devotees. The Moola Nakshatra festival in March and Navaratri are also celebrated with fervor.

For those planning a visit, the temple is open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Nearby attractions include Jog Falls, Kodachadri, Kundadri, Keladi, Dabbe Falls, and Agumbe. Travelers can find accommodation and food facilities at the Dharamshala and Bhojanalay available on-site.

To reach Humcha Padmavathi Devi Digamber Jain Temple, one can take local transport from Shimoga to the small village near Ripponpet, known as Humcha or Hombuja. The nearest railway station is Arsalu Railway Station (25 km away), and Mangalore Airport (150 km away) serves as the closest airport.

Experience the spiritual aura and historical significance of this sacred site, where the echoes of devotion and cultural legacy resonate through the ages.

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