GIFT City getting Ferris Wheel bigger than the London Eye

Gujarat International Finance Tech City (GIFT City) is poised to become the epitome of a modern, developed India, offering a lifestyle reminiscent of Singapore and New York. With its ambitious plans, including the construction of the awe-inspiring “Gift Eye” – surpassing the London Eye – and a sprawling landscape covering 3300 acres, GIFT City is on track to be a beacon of progress and luxury in the region.

Development Phases and Expansion:

The ambitious GIFT City project is scheduled to evolve through three comprehensive phases, shaping a planned city that mirrors the success of Chandigarh and Gandhinagar. The recent approval to expand the city’s footprint from 886 acres to an extensive 3300 acres reflects the grand vision behind this groundbreaking initiative. Land acquisition from villages like Shahpur, Ratanpur, Lavadpur, and Valad has paved the way for the establishment of the country’s third planned city and Gujarat’s second.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

GIFT City envisions a smart and sustainable future, with facilities designed to meet the highest global standards. Electric vehicles will dominate the city’s transportation landscape, providing quick and efficient connectivity, and green parks and gardens will be a mere five minutes away for residents to enjoy. Waste disposal will occur seamlessly through an underground tunnel system. Additionally, the city’s public transport will be entirely electric, and roads will range from 18 to 45 meters wide, contributing to a zero-discharge environment.

Private Sector-Led Development:

A distinctive feature of GIFT City’s development model is the significant role played by the private sector. The private sector will be responsible for developing 67% of the area for commercial purposes, 22% for residential use, and 11% for social activities. The city’s authority will primarily focus on approving plans, fostering a dynamic environment where the private sector drives innovation and development.

Diverse Offerings for Residents:

GIFT City aims to accommodate a population of 8 lakh people, offering a blend of ultra-modern offices, 8-storey apartments, prestigious school brands, renowned hotel chains, upscale restaurants, hospital facilities, and entertainment zones. The city’s planning revolves around a “walk-to-work” theme, creating a seamless integration of work and lifestyle. Currently, 18-20 buildings are operational, with an additional 30 under construction. By 2030, GIFT City envisions the completion of 125 buildings.

Investment and Vibrancy:

To support the extensive development, an investment of Rs 835 crore is earmarked for the current phase, with Rs 2900 crore and Rs 2600 crore allocated for phases two and three, respectively. GIFT City will also play a pivotal role in the upcoming Vibrant Summit starting from January 10, attracting big investors from around the world.

Landmarks and Attractions:

Among the noteworthy attractions, the “Gift Eye” stands out, with a planned height of 158 meters, surpassing the London Eye by 23 meters. Furthermore, GIFT City will boast a Dubai-like shopping mall, akin to the 26th largest mall globally. Negotiations are underway with prominent hotel brands like Marriott International, Hilton, Taj, and others, underscoring the city’s commitment to offering world-class amenities.

As GIFT City unfolds its grand vision, it is not merely creating a city; it is crafting an experience, a lifestyle, and a future that sets the standard for urban development in India. With its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and private-sector-led growth, GIFT City is well on its way to becoming a global benchmark for integrated, smart, and luxurious urban living.

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