Barsana: Narrow lanes bespeak Radha-Krishna tales here….

Day 1 Travelvlog with Saksham Sanchar Foundation's Visit to Barsana

Barsana? Despite being a Jaipur born, I was unaware of the spiritual significance of this place. However, had heard the famous song “Barsane wali Radhe” and hence was connected to this place. But on my recent trip to Barsana located in Uttar Pradesh, India,  I did get a chance to soak the spiritual bliss spread around this place which was enchanting and mesmerising.

Barsana is the place of Radha, Krishna’s Radha; Radha whose name is always taken first before Krishna. It is believed that Radha never disappoints her devotees and fulfills all prays of people

On our tour, we first visited the place called Prem Gali, also known as Sankrikhor. On this place, Krishna and Radha used to meet, here the khor is between two mountains, one of which is of Brahma and other is of Vishnu. The Sakhrikhor is a very narrow lane in which only one person can cross at a time.

Going on this lane, one gets to see a lot of small temple of Radha. The first temple spoke the story of the ritual of Radha-Krishna engagement. Near this temple, one can also witness Vaibhar Kund also Known as Radha Kund which was made by Krishna’s flute.

Also there are lot of monkeys on this place; so one needs to be careful of their belongings as they take away the stuff like specs, mobile phones, any eatables etc. Moving forward, we saw the famous Dan Bihari temple. Here Shyam (Krishna) came to meet Radha in the dressup of bangle seller and gave his flute to Radha as his honour of love. It is said that he took the daan of Buttermilk(Makhaan) from whole Braj and gave his beloved flute at Barsana to Radha. Finally, we reached the much-awaited Radha Rani temple which has a lot of spiritual significance. Here I found people dancing on the bhajans of Radha Krishna happily and were feeling out of the world, a peaceful experience.

On the path of going to temples, one can see beautiful markets which are very cheap and affordable. Also the tradition of block printing mehandi is associated with this place. Colourful bags and dupattas were the major attractions of the market. So, next time you get the opportunity to see this place, don’t forget to shop as I really regretted of not doing it.

To know about the Day 2 visit to Gokul and Mathura stay tuned!

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