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Artisans will meet at one destination from the whole nation

Talent will showcase at the Jio World Centre in BKC as a part of the third AD Design Show.

Talent will showcase at the Jio World Centre in BKC, Mumbai as a part of the third AD Design Show.

A fantastic schedule of creative events is presented at Jio World Centre in BKC as part of the third AD Design Show, which is given in association with Asian Paints. It will be a wonderful time of the year when all the craftsmen and artisans will meet.

The event is said to take place from December 16 to December 18. The three-part exhibit will examine an introspective look at Indian post-independence art, architecture, crafts, and construction and its culture. The curating of 75 items and more images for India Gaze’s portion on innovative designs will help to put back the history of art, design, and architecture in India after 1947 as a showcase.

Visitors anticipate seeing various masterpieces showcasing the complexity and beauty of Indian design today, a design display with 75 historical photographs and artifacts, and skilled karigars honing their craft. Therefore, Various outstanding modern producers’ works will be on show at the event, including Chandigarh by Le Corbusier, textiles by Monika Correa, lacquerware by Dashrath Patel, and more, this will add more value to the event.

Not only this, but a World-acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades will discuss architecture and design during the event for the youth. The session will have him in discourse with Bijoy Jain.

Thus, Pinakin Patel and Ashiesh Shah will discuss and honor the late designer Dasrath Patel’s contribution to the history of Indian design and modern techniques, considering the changing circumstances. As the contribution of Dasrath Patel evolved art and design in India. Many more renowned designers are included in the lineup for the event.

The event will move to local artisans who will showcase their creations in the third section. There will be a fun and engaging pavilion with activities supported by JSW dedicated to five handcrafted crafts and innovation. Here, artists will give items form and interact with the live audience by the ending segment.

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