Saudi Arabia To Launch Dream Of The Desert, The Middle East’s First Luxury Train

Saudi Arabia is set to unveil a remarkable addition to the world of luxury travel with the launch of “Dream of the Desert,” the Middle East’s inaugural luxury train. This opulent journey is poised to rival iconic train experiences such as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and Africa’s Rovos Rail, marking a significant leap in the region’s tourism offerings.

Embarking on an 800-mile odyssey from the heart of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, the Dream of the Desert will traverse northwest, unveiling a mesmerizing panorama of the country’s vast deserts and UNESCO World Heritage archaeological wonders. The meticulously curated route includes stops at Ha’il, the Al-Qassim province, and the awe-inspiring King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Natural Reserve in Al Jouf, culminating in the enchanting destination of Al-Qurayat near the Jordanian border. Adventurous travelers can choose between one or two-night excursions, immersing themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia.

This groundbreaking luxury train venture is a collaborative effort between the state-owned railway company Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) and the esteemed Italian hospitality entity, the Arsenale Group. The partnership, valued at an impressive 200 million Saudi riyals ($53.32 million), reflects the commitment to creating an unparalleled travel experience. The Arsenale Group, renowned for its opulent portfolio including Soho House Roma, Hotel Santavenere Maratea, and the recently launched Orient Express La Dolce Vita train in Italy, brings its expertise to redefine travel through the Arabian deserts.

The Dream of the Desert is not merely a train journey; it is a symphony of luxury, comfort, and cultural exploration. Labeled as “luxury train cruising” by the Arsenale Group, passengers can anticipate a seamless blend of top-notch service, sumptuous amenities, and the chance to relish the timeless beauty of Saudi Arabia’s landscapes. As the train winds its way through the dunes and historical landmarks, travelers are in for an extraordinary odyssey, replete with captivating vistas and unforgettable moments.

With the Dream of the Desert, Saudi Arabia not only introduces a lavish travel experience but also positions itself as a premier destination for discerning global travelers seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and cultural immersion. As the wheels of this majestic train start turning, a new chapter in Middle Eastern luxury travel is about to be written, inviting travelers to embark on an enchanting sojourn through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula.

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