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Soak the serene beauty of Sajjangarh Fort in Udaipur

Priyanshi Pareek reports on the Sajjangarh Fort..

Perched majestically on the Aravalli Hills, Sajjangarh Fort, often referred to as The Monsoon Palace, stands as a testament to architectural splendor and offers visitors awe-inspiring vistas of Udaipur’s lakes and palaces. Situated at an elevation of 3100 feet above sea level, this hilltop residence resembles a tiara adorning the rocky landscape, providing a panoramic spectacle of lakes, hills, and the distant Chittorgarh.

Historical Significance

The inception of The Monsoon Palace can be traced back to 1884 when Maharana Sajjan Singh, the 72nd ruler of the Mewar Dynasty, ordered its construction. Originally intended as a nine-story astronomical center, Maharana Sajjan Singh’s untimely demise led to its transformation into the iconic Monsoon Palace. The strategic hilltop location was chosen to offer a sweeping view of his ancestral home in Chittorgarh. Interestingly, the palace also found its way into pop culture when it served as the residence of Kamal Khan, an exiled Afghan Prince, in the 1983 James Bond film “Octopussy.”

Architectural Marvel

Set atop the Bansdara peak of the Aravalli Hills, Sajjangarh Fort is a breathtaking sight itself. The fort’s construction predominantly employs white marble, creating a stunning contrast against the rugged terrain. The foundation rests on marble pillars adorned with intricate floral and leaf motifs, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The walls are adorned with lime mortar, and the palace boasts Rajasthani architectural marvels such as domes, fountains, and jharokhas.

The heart of the palace features a grand central courtyard with a majestic staircase leading to various rooms and quarters. While it was once owned by the Mewar Royal Family, it now falls under the jurisdiction of the Forest Department of the Rajasthan Government, allowing public access to this architectural gem.

A Must-Visit Destination

Sajjangarh Fort, The Monsoon Palace, is not just a historical relic but also a testament to the opulence and grandeur of Rajasthan’s past. Its regal architecture, coupled with the breathtaking views it offers, makes it a must-visit destination for tourists and history enthusiasts alike. As the palace stands proudly atop the Aravalli Hills, it continues to remind visitors of the rich history and architectural prowess that define Udaipur and the surrounding region.

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