Rajasthan: This new heritage train will stop at passengers’ call promising beautiful views of hills and waterfalls!

PM Narendra Modi on Thursday flagged off Rajasthan’s first heritage train, which will also stop on the whistle of passengers. This train will show the most unique views like Goram Ghat, which is called Chhota Kashmir of Rajasthan and Jog Mandi Waterfall of Goram Ghat, which falls from the highest place. It will pass between two curved tunnels.

The train has been given a heritage look like a 150 year old steam engine. This train will run only 4 days a week and the fare will be Rs 2000 per passenger. The train will pass through the Aravalli hills

Pali district has got the gift of a train running on the only meter gauge track in the state. Starting from Marwar Junction, it will reach Kamlighat (Devgarh, Rajsamand) via Goramghat, Fulad. Aravalli hills, big mountains and greenery will be seen on this route. Apart from this, the train will also pass through a tunnel.

Heritage train cost: Rs 2000 per passenger

For an exciting journey of 9 hours in the train, a ticket will cost Rs 2,000 per person. The train will operate normally four days a week. Tourist groups will be able to book it for two days. It will be operated on receipt of booking for groups of more than 10 people. The group fare has not been decided yet.

The train will leave Marwar Junction at 8.30 am and reach Kamli Ghat at 11 am via Fulad, Goramghat. After a stoppage of three and a half hours at Kamli Ghat, it will leave at 2.30 pm, which will reach Marwar Junction at 5.30 pm. Food will be provided at Railway Kamli Ghat, but passengers will have to pay separate charges for this.

Goram Ghat will also be on the train’s route. Goramghat, which is included in the most exciting tourist place of Rajasthan, is also called Chhota Kashmir. It is a beautiful hill station situated in the Aravali valleys on the border of Rajsamand district and Pali. Here the train passes through the mountains.

Bhil Beri waterfall, which falls from the highest height in Rajasthan, also fall on the journey to this ghat. This waterfall looks like Dudh Sagar Waterfall located on the border of Karnataka and Goa states.

Heritage train given engine with steam engine kind look

To attract tourists, the train has been given a heritage look. The engine of the train has been designed like a 150 year old steam engine, but it will run on diesel only.

To give a Rajasthani look to the heritage train, Rajasthani paintings will be seen on its coaches. For this, elephant-horse palanquin has been made. The train also has a 60-seat Vistadome coach which is currently seen in Vande Bharat trains.

That means the seats will be able to rotate 360% and the spectators sitting on them will be able to capture the view outside the train in their mobile cameras. There will be a separate staff coach in the train.

Heritage train seats: 60 passengers can sit at a time

60 passengers will be able to sit in the train at a time. The coach has large windows on all three sides to view the outside. The coach will be completely AC. Meanwhile, the train will also pass through Goramghat tunnel.

The special thing will be that during the journey of 100 kilometers, the tourist boarding the train will be able to stop the train anywhere as per his wish. Tourists will be given about 15 to 20 minutes time to stop the train at the selfie point. Tourists will be able to take selfies at this time.

Heritage train: watch out two tunnels with scenery

Once the train journey starts, there will be two curved tunnels in the middle which will increase the thrill of the passengers. These tunnels are 23.13 meters long. Apart from this, there are a total of 13 level crossings (railway crossings).

Apart from the tunnel, it will also go round and round through 13 winding places. This train will cover the 25 KM journey from Kamli Ghat to Fulad along with many scenic spots of nature and picturesque views of the Ghat.

Enjoy snacks in pantry 

This coach, which looks like a rail bus, will also have a small pantry. In this, passengers will be able to order lunch along with tea and breakfast. Separate money will have to be paid for this. What will be in the menu and what will be the prices will be known only after the operation of the train

For the passengers going to Mavli, the meter gauge train already running will operate as usual. Train No. 09695, Marwar-Mavli train departs from Marwar Junction at 12.15 pm.

Steam engine ran for the first time in 1934

About steam engine

The special thing is that on this track a steam engine train was operated for the first time in 1934, after that meter gauge rail is being operated. For many years, a demand was raised to convert this railway track into a broad gauge line.

But due to the valley area and rotation up to 16 degrees, this change could not happen. Now, taking a new initiative, Railways will start operating heritage trains to keep the 89 year old track alive.

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