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Mount Abu Shergaon: A Village 100 Years Behind, Living Life Secluded from the World

In an era where nations constantly strive to outdo each other with new advancements, benefiting from the latest technology in every aspect of life, there remain places that seem untouched by time. One such place is Shergaon, a village in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, where life still mirrors the simplicity of a century ago. The people of Shergaon lead a life far removed from the digital world, with no knowledge of phones or modern amenities.

Disconnected from the Digital World

While most people today are glued to their phones, the residents of Shergaon have never even seen one. The village is so isolated from modernity that it exists in a self-contained bubble, reminiscent of an era long past. This community continues to live as people did a hundred years ago.

The Story of Shergaon

Shergaon’s tale is both fascinating and astonishing. Despite lacking basic amenities, the villagers lead a content life. There are no paved roads, no electricity, and the villagers have adapted to living with minimal conveniences. The village thrives without the trappings of modern civilization.

Living with Old Practices

In Shergaon, mobile phones are unheard of, primarily because there is no network coverage. The village lacks shops, and residents draw drinking water from wells. Their homes are built using traditional methods, and the village itself is nestled within a forest.

Seasonal Migration

During winter, the temperatures in Shergaon plummet below freezing. To escape the harsh cold, villagers migrate to nearby settlements. This seasonal migration is a part of life in this high-altitude village, situated at an elevation of 1,500 meters.

Astonishment on Social Media

The lifestyle of Shergaon has recently garnered attention on social media, leaving people amazed. It’s hard to believe that in today’s world, there are places without electricity, running water, or paved roads. The stark contrast between Shergaon and modern urban life highlights the village’s unique existence.

Winter Hardships

Shergaon is recognized as one of the highest villages in Mount Abu. During winter, the mercury drops below zero, forcing residents to leave for neighboring villages. The village’s lifestyle, now visible on social media, astonishes many who find it hard to believe that such places still exist, where people live without basic modern amenities.

Shergaon stands as a testament to a way of life that has withstood the passage of time, a place where simplicity and tradition continue to thrive despite the encroaching tide of modernity.

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