Malwa Media Fest Chronicles: Panel Discussion on New India and New Media

The Malwa Media Fest, a dazzling event of creativity, innovation, and passion, recently unfolded as a captivating journey into the world of media. From a vibrant kaleidoscope of multimedia marvels to thought-provoking discussions, the fest aimed to foster a culture of collaboration and experimentation, breaking boundaries in its wake.

The fest’s inception and vision were grounded in the noble goal of raising awareness about journalism among students and showcasing media as a promising career opportunity. A myriad of intriguing sessions had been meticulously organized, creating a dynamic space for students to explore the convergence of diverse media forms.

One of the key highlights was the panel discussion titled “New India, New Media,” featuring distinguished panelists – Sanjay Dwivedi, Hiren Joshi, Jitendra Jakhetia, and Suchi Shrimali as the moderator. The discussion centered around the unique theme and vision of the Malwa Media Fest.

Sanjay Dwivedi shared valuable insights, emphasizing the impact of festivals on small towns and the need to preserve folk culture and literature. Specifically, he shed light on Ratlam, a city nestled in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, highlighting its rich history, cultural achievements, and dynamic transformation over 154 years.

Delving into Ratlam’s history, Sanjay ji highlighted the contributions of women wrestlers like Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and Sarojini Naidu, who broke societal boundaries. The city’s association with Dadasaheb Phalke, the father of Indian cinema, added a cinematic dimension to its cultural heritage.

Ratlam’s excellence in trade, industry, and its ambition to become a crucial economic hub further underscored the city’s dynamism. Sanjay Dwivedi eloquently described Ratlam as a symbol of progress, innovation, and cultural diversity in the heart of Madhya Pradesh.

The discussion on new media revealed Sanjay Dwivedi’s perspective on India’s international image, emphasizing the role of digital media in portraying the country’s positive aspects. He praised the transformative impact of new media, where information is transparent, and citizens have a powerful voice.

Intriguingly, he discussed the dawn of “New India” on May 24, 2014, marking a shift in attitude and image. This New India, as depicted through digital media, stands as a beacon of change, challenging traditional narratives and embracing a two-way communication approach.

The Malwa Media Fest, with its vibrant tapestry of events, panel discussions, and insightful talks, not only celebrated the convergence of diverse media forms but also explored the cultural richness and dynamism embedded in the heart of Ratlam. The fest served as a testament to the transformative power of media and its ability to shape narratives, celebrate diversity, and amplify the voices of the people.

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