Indian Railways launching “Aastha” train to make travelling easy for devotees

Apeksha Agarwal

India is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Rama Lalla on January 22, 2024, as devotees from across the nation plan to converge on Ayodhya, the sacred birthplace of Lord Rama.

 Following the inauguration ceremony of the Rama temple, the Indian Railways has announced the commencement of a special train named “Aastha.” This train is scheduled to start its journey on January 23rd, right after the pran prathishtha ceremony.

 The introduction of the “Aastha” train is poised to facilitate the pilgrimage of devotees, providing them with a convenient and spiritual mode of transportation to the revered city of Ayodhya. This initiative is a significant step in ensuring that devotees from all corners of the country can partake in the auspicious celebrations surrounding the Lord Rama temple.

The “Aastha” train, scheduled to commence operations after January 23, 2024, is designed to serve devotees from all corners of the nation over a 100-day operational period. The Indian Railways department has meticulously planned the deployment of 66 trains, each comprising 22 coaches, departing from various locations across the country to ensure convenience for passengers.

Here are some essential points that every passenger should be aware of regarding the “Aastha” train-

Diverse Departure Locations: The trains will embark on their journeys from 66 different locations, encompassing both small towns and major cities across various states.

Exclusive Ticket Bookings: To secure a seat on the “Aastha” train, passengers must exclusively book their tickets through the official website of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

Round Trip Traveling: Given that the trains will operate for duration of 100 days, passengers can expect a round-trip travel experience, covering both tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Booking Charges: The charges for reservations will be levied based on factors such as reservation fees, catering charges, express fees, service charges, and applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST). It is important to note that only vegetarian food will be provided as part of the train services.

Schedule of the train:

The “Aastha” train, set to cover 66 different locations across the nation, is currently scheduled to operate from key regions such as Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Jammu & Kashmir, and Tamil Nadu. Predominantly, a significant number of trains will originate from Guwahati and other parts of the North East.

The introduction of the “Aastha” train not only aims to facilitate the pilgrimage to Ayodhya but also emphasizes a systematic and accessible approach to accommodating the diverse travel needs of devotees during this auspicious period. 

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