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Sandipani Ashram holds an important place in Indian culture and spirituality. Located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, it is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna along with his childhood friend Sudama received education from Guru Sandipani. The Ashram stands as a symbol of traditional Indian education and spiritual learning. Established thousands of years ago, it still attracts devotees and seekers from all over the world who come to immerse themselves in its serene atmosphere and teachings.

During Lord Krishna’s education at Sandipani Ashram, he and his friend Sudama were taught various subjects by Guru Sandipani. These topics include a wide range of traditional Indian knowledge and skills:

Education at Sandipani Ashram was holistic, aiming to develop not only intellectual abilities but also the spiritual, moral and practical skills necessary to live a fulfilling life according to Hindu principles.

14 types of knowledge were taught in Sandipani Ashram. Which included Vedas and Vedangas. Vedas include 4 types of Vedas like Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda.

Vedanga means “parts of the Veda”, which are as follows:-

1) Teaching:- Sandipani shows the pronunciation points of throat, nose, mouth etc. using his finger.

2. Chandashastra:- Sandipani explains by carving small Guru symbols on clay in front of Shri Krishna, Sudama, Balram.

3. Grammar:- Explaining Vyakaran Sutra and Maheshwar Sutra by Sandipani.

4. Nirukta (Etymology): Sandipani teaches invocation from the symbols of sky and sky deities, water, fire, air, sun.

5) Astronomy:- Showing new planets with one hand and counting them with the other hand.

6) Kalpa:- Method of ritual: Preparing the altar for Yagya.

Similarly, explaining the details of Manusmriti through Dharmashastra, mythological stories, logic, and review etc. are said to be the parts of Vedas, which were taught in the Ashram.

Ayurveda is called Ashtanga – eight limbs. If we talk in today’s language, then Pediatrics, Surgery, Toxicology, General Practice, Ophthalmology, Rasayan Tantra, Vajikaran (special field of reproductive system), Graha Chikitsa (how the invisible forces of the planets affect the body).

Apart from this, there is also a description of 64 skills in Sandipani Ashram which were included in the curriculum of that time.

Art means skill and attributes. A normal person has 5 skills. Shri Krishna had 16 skills.

Shri Krishna learned 64 skills in 64 days from his guru Maharishi Sandipani. Apart from this, he had acquired the knowledge of 4 Vedas in 4 days, 6 Shastras in 6 days, 16 Vidhyas in 16 days, 18 Puranas in 18 days and Geeta in 20 days.

Along with this, Lord Shri Krishna studied 64 arts, which include dance, theater arts, singing, playing musical instruments, painting, making puja gifts from vines, rice and flowers, making flower beds, making clothes and courtyards. Painting, making floors of gems, making beds, taming water, making clothes and jewellery, decorating with flower ornaments, making fragrances, perfumes, oils, magic, making desired disguises.

Apart from this, showing strange achievements, making necklaces, making ear and pointed flower ornaments, making various dishes, making beverages, making puppets, making puzzles, making sculptures, diplomacy, teaching strategies, drama composition, problem solving, bandage, bell. , arrow making, carpet making, carpentry workmanship, examining metals like gold and silver and gems like diamonds and emeralds, making gold and silver, recognizing the colors of gems.

Also, method of fighting with sheep, cock, quail etc., identification of mines, treatment of trees, speaking dialects of parrot-myna etc., method of pronunciation, skill of cleaning hair, knowing the mind, recognizing bad omens, answering questions. Telling good fortune by giving answers, making various types of Matrikantra, carving gems, making sign language, knowledge of all the treasures, deceitful work, gambling, attracting people or things from far away, method to control Betal. Is.

In the ashram of Maharishi Sandipani in Avantikapuri, where Shri Krishna got acquainted with the deep secrets of life, he also received education in politics and the state religion of monarchy. He did world welfare by using the knowledge gained from Mahakaleshwar city. The fragrance of rare memories of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna is present in every corner of Ujjain city situated on the banks of Punyasalila Shipra.

India was so civilized 5500 years ago and even before that that even today’s technology cannot compete with the instruments and knowledge of that time.

If we talk about India of 602-664 AD, then in Nalanda alone there were 10000 students and more than 3000 professors. Apart from his residence, the complex contained 10 temples, meditation halls, gardens, small lakes, and several ponds. 64 subjects were taught in Nalanda. Students go to distant countries like Iran, Turkey, Greece, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Tibet to gain knowledge of various subjects like Astronomy, Medicine, Surgery, Maths, Metallurgy, War Science, Language, Grammar, Music, Yoga, Spirituality, Politics etc. Came from. There were 90 lakh manuscripts.

There were many world class education centers spread all over India. Vikram Sheela of Magadha, Vallabhi of Saurashtra, Pushpagiri of Kalinga, Sharad Peeth of Kashmir, Nagarjunkonda of Andhra, Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu, Manikhet of Karnataka etc. which are lost in time.

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